Leadership 360 Degree Feedback

Leadership 360 Degree Feedback is an online tools which allows individuals to received feedback from other people for the purpose of development.

Feedback providers are those selected by the individual from those he would like to receive feedback. Those could include supervisor, peers, staff, customers and others.

Leadership 360 Degree Feedback provide the individual with strengths, weakness and performance perception from others' perspective, thus help to draw actions of improvement.

Leadership 360 Degree Feedback is a system of questionair of about 40 questions designed basing on our Leadership Competency Framework. It can be used for positions from team lead, department managers to business leadership positions.

Those who are invited to give feedback will receive invitation letter with usename and password to login to an online website to give feedback. Besides the score range of feedback rating, feedbacker can give additional comment in a text box.

Uses of Leadership 360 Degree Feedbak.

Leadership 360 Degree Feedback is used as a development tool for leadership development programme. It can also be used for performance appraisal purpose.

For Leadership development programme, the tool is used 2 times a year. For performance appraisal, it is used once a year.

The report gives individual a full picture of his strength and weakness, how he is perceived by the other people those who work with him everyday. It helps the individual to put up action plan to improve his performance and to be perceived better by people those who work with him.

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